• Set of 5 Recycled Paper Pen with cap Blue Colour, refillable- Recycle.Green

Set of 5 Recycled Paper Pen with cap Blue Colour, refillable- Recycle.Green

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Pen is the basic need of everyone in today's life. Do you know more than 90% of the pen in this world are now made out of plastics.
Plastic takes 500 to 1000 years to degrade. That means every plastic pen after usage when you throw will remain in this world and will keep on polluting air, water and land.
Every year more than 100,000 animals and birds - especially marine animals gets killed due to plastics.
Currently more than 22% of animals and birds carrying plastics in their stomach, which is painful for them to live.
BSP-A chemical present in plastic is dangerous for humans and can cause breast cancer in women, responsible for many diseases including prenatal complications, diabetes, blood pressure and many more.
We are introducing Pen with usage of Recycled Paper as a maximum body. Whatever other main plastics are used are recycled (except plastic of ink refill).
Benefits of using Recycled Paper Pen:
1) Use of waste paper - reduces paper waste pollution from land.
2) Reduced usage of plastic - saves world from plastic pollution.
3) Reduces usage of plastic - saves CO2 emission in plastic production.
Make: Recycle.Green
Type: With cap closure
Refill colour: Blue
Refillable: Yes.
Weight: 30 gms each (150 gms for set of 5)
Pen body colour: Blue

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  • Air Pollution Saver : Kg

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