• Solar Laptop Slingbag with solar panel, battery bank and mobile charger (Sunlast)

Solar Laptop Slingbag with solar panel, battery bank and mobile charger (Sunlast)

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Higher amount of CO2 emission is the root cause of global warming. Fossil fuel (petrol, diesel, natural gas, gasoline, keroscene, LPG etc.) burning in vehicles, industries and other places causes more CO2 emission.

We have got now a best option of utilizing solar energy - helping reduce burning of fossil fuel. At least for your mobile charging you now achieve 0 CO2 emission. Here we are giving you a laptop sling bag with solar panel & battery, which gets charged and stores power generated from solar energy. Also a charger to charge your mobile on the go. Best light weight solar bag ideal for travelling.

So just participate in the journey of reduction of CO2 by charging your mobile with this solar bag. Feel proud in front of your office colleagues and promote message of environmental savings.

Make: SunLast
Specifications: Nylon sling bag with padding inside and sections with good quality zip. It has solar panel with battery and mobile charger. Battery keeps on charging while it finds sun and you can connect your mobile for charging when you are on the road, travelling or just waiting somewhere.
Solar Cell Type: Mono
Solar Charging Current: 700 mA
USB Output: 5V - 2 Amp
Maximum current (output): 2 Amp
Working Voltage : 5V +-0.5
Working Current: 2 Amp +- 0.5
Size: 42 cm (W) x 30 Cm (H) x 12 cm (D)
Weight: 400 g
You can save upto 872 Kgs of CO2 in a year by using this bag (we assume that you will utilize this for 5 hours a day). So feel proud of participating in protecting our planet from global warming.

Also remember to book an FCB (*) whenever you feel to change this bag. Don't throw this into garbage.

Note : Actual colour of bags may be different than what is shown.

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