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Get your building recognized as Green Building by IGBC Net Zero Waste certification

As per COP each country need to start Net Zero Actions.
Target is behind to prevent damage to planet. Sooner or later every country will be needed to start Net Zero actions. This will bring in laws and enforcement to corporates, businesses, industries to adopt first. There are a lot of benefits government is defining and will be given to those businesses and industries.

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  • IGBC Net Zero Waste
  • The Opportunity
  • Recycle.Green an IGBC Member
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IGBC Net Zero Waste

Indian Green Building Coundil has come up with a Green Building Certificate for corporates, businesses, societies. This is a standard with certification program. It helps businesses to be recognized as green in front of their customers and also helps in building a good repo with government, municipalities, on ground employees, staff and more.

The Opportunity

Showcase to your customers about your commitment to planet.You can get a marketing edge against your competitors.
Next Gen is very conscious about Planet – attract them.
Get government benefits, subsidies, tax benefits, recognition.
Increase your brand image, credibility in the eyes of your employees, workers, staff, labours.

Recycle.Green a proud IGBC member

Recycle.Green (InnovateGreen Technologies Private Limited) is a proud IGBC enrolled member for NET ZERO WASTE Certification.

Right consultant & partner

Recycle.Green can be a consultant in designing complete Net Zero Waste system for a building , premise. Plus once system is designed Recycle.Green can work as a partner in managing, recycling waste with all on ground actions, resources, records, documentation & support in facing audits.


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This scope includes complete implementation of the system including planning, training, use of technology (Recycle.Green mobile app & web based system).Expert trainers to take the training sessions and ensure right knowledge is percolated in employees, contractors, management & all stake holders.Use of videos, digital platform, social media to enhance training experience.Use creative reward and recognition ideas to create more engaging and motivating culture to adopt a behavioral change.Do internal audits and hand hold in external audits for certification.


This scope includes operation through Recycle.Green mobile app. With exclusive collection by Recycle.Green or even your existing collection partner can be onboarded.Automate the whole waste management process with all detailed records and data available for analytics and review.Manage collection, collectors, partners, vehicles, coordination on ground on day to day basis.Provide all dynamic reports on system to support the certifications and credentials time in time.


Be part of the monthly / quarterly review meetings.Provide data for KPI measurement.Provide expert inputs in identifying improvement areas and how to go ahead.Do a scientific methodology in improvising month on month on Net Zero Waste program.Ensure the path is on progress towards Net Zero Waste time in time.

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