www.recycle.green is developed as a part of mission to implement a vision of M/s InnovateGreen Tech Pvt Ltd. "We want to see the world where everyone before doing anything thinks of Environment first." This will help consumers to change their buying behavior.

At InnovateGreen we perform an in-depth research on different products and consumables and arrive at ESV - Environmental Saving Values. The principle we adopt in performing the research is to make consumers aware about environmental impact for each of the product listed on the portal.

We take some assumptions during this research. There are 2 ways in which way we can measure ESV - 1) Savings on Environmental Damage Potential 2) Actual Environmental Savings. We take leverage on assumptions of both the extremes - that means if Environment Damage Potential is considered - we assume the worst damage it can do. Example - for Land Pollution - actual land polluted is surface of land. We assume worst case scenario where each pollutant occupies full land and we accumulate every product / consumable's damage potential as an individual damage to land.

For Environmental Saving - we assume best case scenario - example - Solar panel usage - the best case here is average 12 hours of sun availability and generation at 90% of efficiency. We calculate best case savings here.  Whenever consumer makes a purchase these savings are converted in the forms of ESVC (Environmental Savings Value Credit). These are also on the intention to utilize marketing as a tool to motivate and inspire consumers in saving of environment. We provide ESVCs only for the marketing purpose. We also provide certificates to consumers on achieving environmental saving milestones. These are also only for the marketing purposes. Overall utilizing these tools we intend to change consumer mind set. Whatever research are done, they are done by professional experts and we preserve our research notes. These are as per the available knowledge and information at those particular point in time. We do not claim to be 100% correct on those research notes. We are open to share those research notes with consumers on request and do not make it public. We shall perform due diligence for every request and then only share if found genuine case. We @InnovateGreen reserve rights not to share research notes in case found fishy or non genuine case.

The products which are sold on our portal are manufactured by respective manufacturers, @Recycle.Green we analyse, record, sell, deliver and collect back as a part of FCB and try to put it back to manufacturers to ensure 360 degrees recycling circle. Whatever quality claims are done are by those respective manufacturers. In case of any issues with the quality of products, we only provide 1st hand support to our customers and then forward those issues to respective manufacturers for resolution. We put our best effort in resolving those quality issues, however we are completely dependent on manufacturers to support us. In case of genuine quality issues we shall stand with our customers to resolve by coordination with the manufacturers - however will not be able to take complete responsibilities of resolution. Please read our Return Policies, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as mentioned in this page.

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