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We all know that waste is spoiling our environment. Obviously the first solution to solve this problem is refuse, reduce, reuse. However due to industrialization, mass production and introduction of packaging especially one time use plastic created a big menace in the planet. The only solution to this one time use is recycling as you can't refuse, reduce or even reuse.

If we go down the history of human evolution, we started thinking about this and we innovated recycling techniques first in 1031. Yes almost 1000 years ago. First recycling plant was started in Japan and the first recycling started was of paper. From there we came too far and now we have a lot of technologies and techniques of recycling. However still world over rate of recycling has reached only upto 19%. Yes you read it right. 1000 years of effort and humans could achieve only 19%. This means there is something fundamentally wrong.

This exactly the fundamental issue Recycle.Green is attacking. During our R&D we realized that there are enough technologies available and exist to tackel all kind of waste, still why we are not able to increase % of recycling ? 

We humans started with a belief that waste is an environmental issue. That means we focused on techniques of recyling and inventing recycling different techniques for different materials. 

However the exact core root cause is an economical issue. Example : even after there are techniques of recycling low density plastic, its not getting recycled. 1st because consumers are not motivated to segregate as they don't get anything, they are not motivated to segregate. Even after paying for all products and their packaging, while disposing there is nothing they get back. Secondly there are waste collectors, pastivalas, ragpickers however as an example plastic is so lightweight and is always sold on per Kg, even after putting a great effort in collection they collect in few Kgs and price is hardly in few rupees per Kg. No one is even interested in collecting, segregating and transporting. 

Even since ages the rates of waste are the same. We are listening 5 to 10 rupees a kg since decades. This is because the actual economy is not supporting value addition to waste recycling. But we identified that there is a huge opportunity to elevate waste value by converting waste into products. This way we can create a good value and also can pay back generators. 

At Recycle.Green we focussed on creating a unique circular economy platform, where we connect all stakeholders starting from sellers, brands to buyers, customers to collectors, to recyclers / upcyclers to artisans, manufacturers. We make sure the waste is managed at every stage using technology and rather than being reactive we can handle it proactively.

PayByWaste(R) is q unique technique to allow waste to be used as money in buying products and services (future). Even we can track the future waste at buying stage only and TrackTheTrash(TM) technology helps to track even a single wrapper in it's full lifecycle and also alert consumers to segregate and give back with a good cashback.

When we convert waste into products it saves a lot of environments, we measure this by our patented technique of ESV(R) Environmental Saving Value. This helps consumers in educating themselves and make right decision in buying right product. 

As we takeback what we sell, we create genuine Zero Waste lifestyle experience be it a business or home. Overall, we want to make sure it's actually Zero Waste of money at each stage of circle in this circular economy.

Overall, we want to make sure waste doesn't remain liability and becomes and asset for consumers, brands, cities, authorities. It generates a lot of employment, innovation and wealth. Solving economical issue makes it sustainable and as it repeats or recycles manier times, it automatically saves environment and our beautiful planet.

Let's keep our planet green by recycling and recycling.

26+ yrs Technocrat experience. BE Inst & Control, LDCE, 1998, CDCP, Trained Green IT Expert by HIDA Japan, worked with IPCL, Reliance, Gujarat Gas, SIS, Cyberoam, Sophos. Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/hardik-shah-998330/

Hardik Shah

Founder & CEO

M.Com. 10+ Years of professional Yoga Trainer Experience. Nature Lover. Ayurveda trained. Handling HR, Admin, Backoffice.

Chintal Shah

Co Founder

8+ Yrs of mobile app project development and management expert. Core Android + Web technologies. Logic build, development management.

Nihar Patel

Project Lead  - Mobile App

35+ Yrs of Green Products & Technology Experience. Expert on waste management and recycling technologies. 

Viraf Mehta

Technical & Business consultant

14+ Years of core sales experience. Field experience of pharma & service sales. Ex Egniol, Ex Venus Remedies. 

Vishal Trivedi

Business Development Manager

BBA in Marketing from Ahmedabad University, passionate about sustainability and how marketing skill can be used spreading the Zero Waste Lifestyle

Ritu Mishra

Marketing Executive

2 Year web development experience, 6 Months of Cloud Computing experience. Blogger and Social media marketing expert.

Shahil Parmar

IT Development and Support Executive

15+ Years of operations experience. Handles orders, inventory, deliveries, pickups, partners. First line customer support.

Nilesh Parmar

Sales Operation Executive

Expert in waste segregation, product delivery, 3 wheeler vehicle operation, customer door delivery and pickup, coordination with recyclers.

Pravinbhai Parmar

Waste Collector and Vehicle Driver