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Radio Mirchi, Dhvanit's show

23 Jan 2020

Ahmedabad's 1st Green wedding was successfully managed by Recycle.Green. After execution it became talk of the town and was covered by Radio Mirchi RJ Dhvanit. Kinjal and Dhrumil, bride and groom of that wedding were called exclusively at Radio Mirchi studio to share their experience. It made a great impact across 49000 views till date and increasing. Really inspiring for others to follow this trend and save our environment.

ICICIBank Global Linker 

27 Jun 2018

Recycle.Green story was publishe on ICICI Bank Global Linker's SME Inspiration section. They noted how an enterpreneur from Ahmedabd thought of starting an ecommerce portal containing all eco friendly products.

Chartered World

June 2018

Chartered World, a printed and online video magazine took a note of Recycle.Green's participation in world environment expo. Recycle.Green's stand out stall caught attention of many people including media.

AIESEC International Run 

15 Sep 2019

Recycle.Green was a Zero Waste partner for AIESEC International run arranged for awareness of Sustainable Development Goal. Youth and students of Ahmedabad participated in this marathon. Recycle.Green designed waste segregation scheme and executed it on ground with proper labelling, awareness to participants. All wet and dry waste was segregated in 4 categories and then was recycled. We ensured no land was polluted due to waste generated in this event.

Youth Speak Forum, AIESEC

9 Apr 2018

Recycle.Green feels proud in becoming Environment partner at Youth Speak forum organized by Aiesec. We helped them make it zero waste by ensuring waste collection and segregation in the event. Recycle.Green got them recycled.

Earthfest, Ahmedabad

12 Mar 2018

Recycle.Green displayed products in EarthFest at Ahmedabad. Had a good interaction and awareness for environmental saving products.

Exhibition at Mirchi Rock n Dhol

Navratri 2017

Recycle.Green had a great exhibition at Mirchi Rock n Dhol. We could connect to more than 1000 visitors at the stall and spread awareness of environment via medium of products.

Ahmedabad Mirror

20 Jan 2020

Dhrumil and Kinjal, when they decided to go with green way, their wedding day was already talk of the town as was covered by Ahmedabad Mirror, Times of India group. They covered the whole story starting from their green invitation to actual plan of executing the whole wedding zero waste. Also whole Recycle.Green's team photo was printed. Wedding couple was given a big size print. The whole article was printed on 3rd page with 75% of space coverage. 

GSTV - Gujarat News

24 Sep 2019

Recycle.Green participated in Corporate Gift Fair organized by GCCI Women wing. This was covered by Ame To Bolishu, GujaratNews, GSTV. Hardik Shah, Founder and CEO, Recycle.Green expressing his thought in front of media.

Gandhinagar Samachar

28 Feb 2019

Recycle.Green with Vavo Revolution and NeedBox helped Ambapur villagers to manage their waste segregation by distribution of 2 bins per house plus explaining them about usage of it. Recycle.Green already worked with Vavo Revolution to make Ambapur plastic pollution free village.

Exhibition at Euro International School

28 Apr 2019

Recycle.Green exhibiting products and concept in Euro school, Thaltej Ahmedabad.
Supporting Euro school's SDG sustainable development goal initiatives. We were able to connect to more than 500 students' and their families. We could educate them via product medium. 

Cognoscence, St.Xaviers College, Ahmedabad

 10 March 2019

Recycle.Green made the whole event green with the help of Xaviers's students. 

They had live segregation of waste in whopping 13 categories. Students were passionate and committed to prevent any damage to Ahmedabad's environment and ensured no waste is going to Pirana landfill.

Recycle.Green felt proud in guiding and setting up 2 Green Zones & ensured collection of dry waste which will go in recycling.

Sonam Wangchuk at Recycle.Green stall at IEF

19 Feb 2018

Sonam Wangchuk, who is an educational reformist and young innovator in sustainability, visited Recycle.Green store in India Environment Fest 2018 organized at Vastrapur Haat, Ahmedabad. He was impressed with the tetrapak recycled furniture and exclusively inquired about its making. We released tetrapak recycled furniture first time in Ahmedabad during IEF. 

R J Ruhan, Radio Mirchi visited Recycle.Green stall at LDRP

12 Oct 2019

Deep Bhuva, student LDRP took an initiative of doing an exhibition of eco friendly products in their college fest. RJ Ruhan from Radio Mirchi visited the exhibition and was very much impressed with the concept. He was presented with Denim recycled diary and recycled pen.


05 Jun 2020

Instagram community account _OfficialHumansOfAhmedabad covered our founder's story. They put this on their insta account on World Environment Day to educate and promote eco friendly living and lifestyle through our post.

Navgujarat Samay 

 24 Jan 2020

Ahmedabad's 1st Green wedding was successfully managed by Recycle.Green. After execution it became talk of the town and was covered by Navgujarat Samay, a leading Gujarati daily newspaper of Ahmedabad.


23 Sep 2019

Recycle.Green's participation in Corporate Gift Fair 2019 was recognized in Vyaparjagat.com. Unique display of ecofriendly gifts was shot beautifully and presented in their online media. Out of all other exhibitors Recycle.Green's coverage was in bold alphabets plus maximum space on the screen.

Gandhinagar Samachar

18 Aug 2018

Recycle.Green participated in heritage monument (Ambapurni Vaav) cleaning by collecting and recycling dry waste. Plus trained village women on making paper bags from waste newspaper and started providing employment to those women. It was covered by Gandhinagar Samachar.

City Bhaskar, Divya Bhaskar 

25 Apr 2019

Recycle.Green was featured in City Bhaskar of Divya bhaskar for exhibiting eco friendly products at IIT Gandhinagar. We could reach out to more than 100 families  and spread awareness about lifestyle changes with eco friendly products. Even if there were more than 10 stalls, Recycle.Green had maximum people, media had to take a note of it and printed photo of Recycle.Green stall.

World Environment Expo, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi 

5,6,7 June 2018

Recycle.Green participated in WEE 2019, an international platform to showcase Environmental products. We had delegates from across the country and even outside the country. Innovative design of our stall was talk of the town where we made a ceiling of dry waste. More than 1000 people we could connect and educate them about environmental issues via products.

Mirchi Rock n Dhol, Recycle.Green Go Green partner

Navratri 2017

First time in the history, such a big event was having a Go Green partner. Recycle.Green brought a new concept of keeping event green of such a big scale. 10000 footfall expected across 9 nights of Navratri. We felt proud as our name is in parallel to the brands like Havmor.

Ahmedabad Mirror

02 Nov 2019

During Diwali Recycle.Green collaborated with Brooks and Blooms for collection of flower waste generated during rituals. This is to ensure people have an alternative to recycle them rather than throwing it in river and polluting water. This initiative was covered by Ahmedabad Mirror.

Ahmedabad Mirror

10 Aug 2018

Recycle.Green's effort of making Ambapur Plastic Pollution free in collaboration with Vavo Revolution NGO was recognized in Ahmedabad Mirror with full page article. A quite proud moment as this was the first recognition in print media for Recycle.Green.

Diwali Gifting Exhibition at Future Group office

Oct 2019

Future group sustainability department invited Recycle.Green to exhibit and present products at their office in City Gold, Ahmedabad. We educated employees with the method of products about environmental savings. It was nice response from all employees.

Streetsmart, Nirma University, Ahmedabad 

22 Feb 2019

Nirma University, Swayam Club IMNU deserved a certificate of Green event for Street smart 2019. Recycle.Green feeling happy in increasing enthusiasm and motivation of young generation.

Students really put hard efforts to make sure maximum waste is segregated in whopping 11 categories. They were really serious in doing so. Recycle.green supervised whole live segregation and correcting their wrong waste drop. Every one was taking it positively and correcting on the spot.

Recycle.green ensured maximum waste recycled and not put to landfill.

Innovative environmental saving offers

Navratri 2017

Recycle.Green introduced a unique offer of saving environment during Navratri celebrations. First time in the history of any event such unique offers were deployed on ground for awareness of people.