Pay by Waste


We always work for our customers to create wealth of their waste.

First we try to innovate recycled, reusable waste reducing product to sell. 

We go beyond and provide an option to pay by your waste. This means that the item you have ordered online, while paying you can do full payment by waste OR even part payment by waste and part by other modes of payment.

You need to select "Pay by waste" option while checking out.

While coming for delivery, our representative will first check, collect your waste and will calculate waste value. This value will be deducted from the order value and difference of payment will be collected.

We collect balance payment through cash only for this option currently. 

Our representative who come for delivery will first assess, calculate the waste condition, quantity and arrive at a value. This value will be reduced from the order value and remaining balance payment will be asked to pay. Once it is cleared the ordered product will be delivered.
We also allow full payment by waste. That means if your waste value is equal to order value, we shall take them without asking any further payment by any mode and deliver you the material.
To promote consumer awareness and promote segregation at source, we only accept waste if they are meeting following condition.
1) We only take dry domestic waste. We do not take any wet or industrial waste.
2) All dry waste must be segregated properly in respective categories (to get paid as per that category value).
3) If you segregate as per level 2, you may get better value of your waste.
4) Waste should not have been contaminated OR toxic.
5) All the waste should be either in separate bins as per segregation category OR in separate bags packed properly. Our representative will not segregate and fill it up in the bags.

Following is the value calculations for the waste.

Level 1 segregation 
Item Value of 1 Kg (INR)
Paper Mixed - Anything 5
Plastic Mixed - Anything 8
Plastic Waste - Mixed - Anything 8
Iron Waste (Anything) 12
Copper Waste (Anything) 282
Brass Waste (Anything) 220
Steel Waste (Anything) 22
Alluminium Waste (Anything) 83
Bori (Big Grossary Bags) 20
Corrugated Boxes & Packaging Items 9
Tyres 5
Clothing 2


Level 2 Segregation rates:

Newspapers 15
Office papers (A4, shredded) 8
Books/Journals/Printed/Written 5
Plastic Waste (Milk Pouch) 12
Plastic Waste (PET Bottles) 14


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