Free Collect Back is a service exclusively offered at Recycle.Green for taking back the sold products at the end of the product life OR after consumption. 


 @Recycle.Green we have done an in-depth research on the environmental issues our planet is facing. One of the major root cause found is absence of 360 degrees cycle completion for recycling. At one side, we excavate and dig out natural resources, process them, convert them into finished products and goods and sell them to consumers. Consumers consume them but after that those generated waste are thrown to garbage without following any environmental standards. No business system exists, which ensures that all those consumed and used items are segregated properly and put to recycling.

 @Recycle.Green as a part of our vision and mission we are committed not to spoil environment due to any product consumption at our portal.

To achieve this objective, we offer FCB (Free Collect Back) to all our customers.

We believe there are 2 times in any product selling lifecycle we generate garbage / waste.

1) At the point of buying - where we get packaging material - which ultimately, we throw in garbage / dustbin. We never know what will happen to this waste and ultimately will lead to environmental damage.

 2) At the end of product life (expiry OR consumption) - once customers use the product for its life OR consume, it either becomes candidate for garbage. Here also it is thrown to bin without assurance or knowhow of how it is going to get handled with respect to environment.

 @Recycle.Green we offer FCB for unlimited time & do not charge. In fact we give back & hence this is considered as Free Collect Back.

We will pick it up for free and then will ensure that it goes for recycling process and does not damage environment. We also will give you confirmation on this with ESVC (Environmental Savings Value Credit) as per condition, time, observation, measurement of the product, consumable or technology.

Now we also want to leverage on the opportunity of visiting you personally for pick up and provide an extra option to pick up other garbage other than products sold @Recycle.Green. Customers can give other well segregated garbage to our representative with the products which you purchased at Recycle.Green

 Following are the conditions for FCB.

1) All garbage is well segregated as per environmental norms. Our trained representative will assess the situation of the garbage and will decide acceptability of the garbage. In case if it is not segregated as per standard environmental norms, our representative can refuse to collect it.

2) Out of all garbage items there must be either original packaging provided by Recycle.Green OR the actual product, technology or consumable purchased at Recycle.Green. Our representative will have details of those items and can cross check. In case if no item is found representative may refuse to collect garbage. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU PRESERVE THE STICKER CAME ON THE BOX OF RECYCLE.GREEN came during first delivery. This will be needed at your first FCB.

3) Currently we only take Recyclable waste only. We do not take biodegradable waste (wet food and garden items). We do not take hazardous waste.

4) Customer need to segregate all waste and have them into separate bins (please see video as per below URL). Our representative will not do segregation. In case waste is found unsegregated our representative will go back without collecting the waste.

5) Separate bin containing these wastes (not put on / thrown on ground). Our representative will not collect garbage from ground. He will only take the garbage from the designated bins.

Please visit following for understanding waste segregation at source.


Rewards on FCB.

@Recycle.Green we reward on FCBs in following conditions. 

1) Well segregated recyclable waste weighs more than 1 Kg. In case the weight of the waste is less than 1 kg, we shall collect it back for free but will not give any cash credit. However we can give you recycling certificate on demand.

2) Waste contains procured items (at least 1) at Recycle.Green

3) A booked FCB through procedure as per mentioned below.

4) Availability of person at home showing the waste.

Rate Table for FCB

Every segregated waste rate / Kg as per below

  • Paper Waste (Newspapers) - Rs.12 per kg
  • Paper Waste (Shredded dry) - Rs. 8 per kg
  • Paper Waste (Books/journals/printed/written) - Rs.5 per kg
  • Plastic Waste (Milk Pouch) - Rs.12 per kg
  • Plastic Waste (Anything else) - Rs. 8 per kg
  • Iron Waste (Anything) - Rs.12 per kg
  • Copper Waste (Anything) - Rs. 282 per kg
  • Brass Waste (Anything) - Rs.220 per kg
  • Steel Waste (Anything) - Rs.22 per kg
  • Aluminium Waste (Anything) - Rs.83 per kg
  • Bori (Big Grossary Bags) - Rs.20 per kg
  • Corrugated boxes and packaging items - Rs.9 per kg
  • Tyres - Rs.5 per kg
  • Clothing - Rs.2 per kg

Procedure to book an FCB.

1) You must call on our customer care - +91 79 48999911 OR email at protecttheplanet@recycle.green

2) Our current SLA is within 10 days pickup from the date of successful FCB booking.

3) Our representative can call up for verification and coordinate during pickup. In case of improper response booking can get cancelled & must do a fresh booking in such case.

Cash Credit Reward:

We do not  give hard cash. We give cash credit in terms of coupon code for the appropriate amount against volume of waste collected.

This coupon code can be utilized to buy new products at Recycle.Green.

You can apply this coupon code under discount field while checking it out. That much amount of payment will get reduced in that order.

Please note that this coupon code can be applied on the future orders only. Can not be compensated against old orders OR even pending payments.

Wish you a happy FCB :)