• Biodegradable Compostable Sugarcane Bagasse Round Plate with 3 compartments 9 inch  (Set of 25)

Biodegradable Compostable Sugarcane Bagasse Round Plate with 3 compartments 9 inch (Set of 25)

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Disposable tablewares are part of our homes, offices, street joints, picnics and many more. Being cheap, plastics are hugely used in these disposable tableware. We just utilize it without thinking of what happens with it and how it impacts environment. Plastic takes 100s of years to degrade and decompose. Till the time it remains in environment it affects land, water and air badly. It creates a danger for marine life, animals and humans. The biggest challenge which municipalities and modern urbanization faces is disposing such fast accumulating plastics.

We have found a solution to this problem. Bringing here Bagasse Tableware

Bagasse products are made from sugar cane Pulp fiber, which is a natural by-product of the sugar refining industry after the juice has been extracted. 
Making tableware out of this residual sugar cane fiber actually decreases air pollution and adds value to the material.
These green friendly products are sturdy, attractive, oil resistant, safe and can be used with hot & cold foods and beverages up to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Just adopt these biodegradable compostable disposable tableware. These tableware gets bio degraded within 90 days from use. These can be composted so no burden on municipalities to transport, manage and dispose. Saves a huge cost of transportation and landfill space. Just compose it in your local compost.
Please note following while using these.
1) Degradation is depending on optimumm moisture conditions.
2) Shelf life of this products can be anything when they are stored in dry and sealed conditions. When not in use keep it in dry and sealed conditions.
3) If these are kept in moist conditions there are chances of fungus infection.

Size is mentioned in the product heading.

Set contains 25 pieces of the shown product.

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