• Silky Smooth Resham Gift Wrapping Thin Paper - Hand Made (Khadi) - from the cotton waste.

Silky Smooth Resham Gift Wrapping Thin Paper - Hand Made (Khadi) - from the cotton waste.

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This is silky smooth gift wrapping paper. This gift paper is made up from hand made (Khadi) paper from cottton waste. It is embedded with silky strings with the self colour.

It suits best with combination of card and paper. Even invitation cards can be printed on card and cover can be made up of paper.

Utilizing it saves trees and also CO2 + water as the process to make it is different than conventional paper making process. It also saves land pollution as cotton waste otherwise will go into land.
It is a stronger gift wrap as compared to conventional paper and will not tear off quickly.
It will really look classic and jazzy with a different finishing and colours.
Try it and you definitely will utiilize it for life time.
Give someone gift wrapped by this paper and forward a message of environmental savings.
Size (L x B in Cms): 38.5 x 28
Weight - varying betwen 50 gms to 90 gms per piece. Set of 5 weighs 250 to 350 gms.
Multiple colours and styles available.

This is sold in a bundle of 5 quantities.

At Recycle.Green we ensure that we complete full re-cycle. Hence once you have utilized this product and life is over, don't throw this to garbage. Book a collection with us. We shall reward you appropriately according to the condition and prevalent rates at that time. Conditions apply.

ESVs (Environmental Saving Values)

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  • Water Saver : KL

  • Air Pollution Saver : Kg

ESVC (Environmental Savings Value Credit)

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