Organic Herbal Natural Color for Wood Painting 

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DIY Kit: Natural Color for Wood Painting

Have you ever wondered if wood painting could be done with natural dye paints ?

This kit is the perfect way to learn how to paint on small fabric surfaces or products with our ready-to-use natural dye paste. There are four colors, 30ml each (Madder red, chebula black, indi green, indigo, and iron violet) sandpaper, wax polish, gloves, and sponges inside to help you get started. All you need is brushes, raw wood surface and your ideas to begin using them. Please follow the detailed manual and video tutorial to have a smooth experience. 

Natural dye wood painting paste is made from plants and minerals obtained from nature in their raw form. These are an optimum replacement for the synthetic pigment paints used in the industry which cause immense harm to the environment. 

Note: All our packaging materials are also sustainable and chosen to be re-used.

This kit is appropriate for anyone between 9-99 years of age

Items in the kit:

  • Madder red-30ml
  • Violet-30ml
  • Chebula black-30ml
  • Natural indigo-30ml
  • Indi green-30ml
  • Natural wax to polish
  • Sandpaper-1
  • 6 sponge
  • Gloves 
  • Instruction Manual

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