Organic Recycled Bio Enzyme Natural Toilet Cleaner

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250 ml
500 ml

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100% Natural | Vegan | Organic | Eco-Friendly | Child & Pet Safe | Cleans Groundwater | Saves Organisms

Produced from a process of fermenting citrus fruit peels. Rather than throwing those vegetable waste to landfill, it is recycled natural way. An effective alternative to harsh chemicals such as bleach, phenyl & other chemical solutions to wash bathrooms, toilets, wipe out floors, tiles and other surfaces.

Chemical cleaners are not safe for human and pet's health. They also pollute air, groundwater, rivers, lakes and kills good micro-organisms.

One litre of Bio-Enzyme can de-contaminate 1000 litres of water. After use, when water is put to drain, it will purify the water and prevent bad odor of gutter, prevent bad bacteria growth. 

You can also feed the used water after floor cleaning to plants as a fertilizer.

As packaging is of plastic due to no alternative, we take back our packaging and provide flat 20 Rs cashback on buying new products from our website.

Make: Prana Sattva

ESVs (Environmental Saving Values)

  • Tree Saver : No. of Trees

  • CO2 Saver : Kg

  • Land Pollution Saver : Sq Mtrs

  • Water Pollution Saver : KL

  • Water Saver : KL

  • Air Pollution Saver : Kg

ESVC (Environmental Savings Value Credit)

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