• Pain Free Joints

Pain Free Joints

₹ 350

  • Green rating (From 5 ratings)

For pain management and reducing swelling/ inflammation: • 2-3 drops, massage well into the affected area, till the oil is absorbed by the skin • For best results, use twice a day • Do not use on broken on cut skin

ESVs (Environmental Saving Values)

  • Tree Saver : No. of Trees

  • CO2 Saver : Kg

  • Land Pollution Saver : Sq Mtrs

  • Water Pollution Saver : KL

  • Water Saver : KL

  • Air Pollution Saver : Kg

ESVC (Environmental Savings Value Credit)

Parameter Saving till last order This product if selected Total Savings
Tree Saver
CO2 Saver
LPS Saver
WPS Saver
WS Saver
APS Saver