Recycled Paper Product Labeling Cards (10 cms x 6 cms)

₹ 2,240

  • Green rating (From 5 ratings)

Size: 10 cms x 5.6 cms per card
This Product Tag Card is recycled handmade paper of 250 GSM 
Scope includes digital multicolour printing on both side of the cards.
Once order receved we shall coordinate for final design and approval.
At first we save environment by saving a tree due to use of recycled paper.

Scope includes punching on top of the card.

Benefits of using Recycled Paper of 1 Tonne
1. Saves 17 Trees from cutting.
2. Saves 7000 US Gallons (26000 litres) of water from pollution
3. Saves 3 cubic yards (2.3 cubic metres) land pollution
4. Saves 2 barrels of oil (84 US Gal / 320 litres).
5. Saves 4100 Kilo Watts (15 GJ) of Electricity and hence directly saves CO2 from emission.
Make: Recycle.Green

ESVs (Environmental Saving Values)

  • Tree Saver : No. of Trees

  • CO2 Saver : Kg

  • Land Pollution Saver : Sq Mtrs

  • Water Pollution Saver : KL

  • Water Saver : KL

  • Air Pollution Saver : Kg

ESVC (Environmental Savings Value Credit)

Parameter Saving till last order This product if selected Total Savings
Tree Saver
CO2 Saver
LPS Saver
WPS Saver
WS Saver
APS Saver