• Waste Tetrapak Recycled Chipboard Serving Tray

Waste Tetrapak Recycled Chipboard Serving Tray

₹ 1,106

  • Green rating (From 5 ratings)

This item is made out of 100% recycled post consumer tetra pak cartons
This product is having multi colour finishing - having pieces of waste tetra pak pieces. Additional wood is used for carpentering and support.
This product is water resistant, fire resistant, insect resistant, termite resistant

Saves  Trees, Land Pollution, Water Pollution.
Size: Width -17.5 inches x 12 inches x 2 inches
Weight: 1570 gm
Make: Recycle.Green

ESVs (Environmental Saving Values)

  • Tree Saver : No. of Trees

  • CO2 Saver : Kg

  • Land Pollution Saver : Sq Mtrs

  • Water Pollution Saver : KL

  • Water Saver : KL

  • Air Pollution Saver : Kg

ESVC (Environmental Savings Value Credit)

Parameter Saving till last order This product if selected Total Savings
Tree Saver
CO2 Saver
LPS Saver
WPS Saver
WS Saver
APS Saver