Launching Organic Herbal Dyed clothing and accessories

By:Innovate Green

Launching Organic Herbal Dyed clothing and accessories
1 piece of organic garment can save more than 2000 litres of water from pollution.
Do you know that 1 kg of cotton production needs 20000 litres of water in the process. It needs the most hazardous and severe pesticides of the world to grow a cotton. All these chemicals contaminate water badly and makes it polluted.
Cotton is vastly used raw material in clothing across the world.
What is the damage we do to our planet due to our clothing consumption ?
Consider 1 person on a minimum side buys 5 pairs of formals, 5 pairs of casuals, 2 pairs of night suit, 5 pairs of innerwear per year. Calculating weight @1 Kg / formal pair, @0.750 Kg / casual pair, @0.500 Kg / night suit & @0.250 Kg / innerwear pair - total weight of clothing comes up as 11 Kg. Overall 1 person pollutes 220000 litres of water per year.
Considering a family of 4 overall we pollute more than 800000 litres of water per year per family.
But now not to worry, we at Recycle.Green are committed to help consumers in changing their buying behaviour to Environment First thought.
We are glad to announce our collaboration with Aura Organic Herbal wear.
We are launching complete garment series of Aura Herbal wear at Currently we have added women's garment - kurtas, top & bottom.
This week we will be adding complete organic herbal clothing range of men's wear, innerwear, home decor, accessories.
Aura uses a patented dying process using natural and herbal ingredients. Hence we achieve 0% chemical, saving of CO2, Air pollution, Water pollution.
Organic cotton crop does not use harmful chemicals like synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. As a result, it doesn’t poison the water, soil or air, and is even beneficial to the environment. Cotton workers on organic cotton farms are spared from health problems caused by chemicals in cotton farming. Since toxic substances are not used in the manufacturing process, the end garments are residue free.
It can thus be harvested and worn by everyone, without worry of allergies, rashes or respiratory problems. Non-organic cotton, on the other hand, uses hazardous chemicals that are associated with cancer, hormone defects and birth defects in animals and humans.